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Nina & Mark // Ukranian Pre-Wedding Shoot! • Photography by Barnaby Aldrick

Introducing Nina & Mark! These two were guests at the wedding of Sonya & James last year (post here), and are having a similar Ukrainian wedding in February this year. That wedding was possibly one of the most fun wedding I’ve shot yet, with loads of amazing traditions and I can’t wait for all the…

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Sonya Jarockyj - Great blog Barnaby! Got the traditions spot on! See you next week.

Nina & Mark // A Ukrainian Wedding • Photography by Barnaby Aldrick | Barnaby Aldrick Wedding Photography - Blog - [...] I’d met these two characters on the pre-wed a while back [post here]! [...]

Bri & Henry // York Hospitium Wedding • Photography by Barnaby Aldrick

In mid-January I was lucky enough to join Bri & Henry for their fun wedding in York! I’d shot their pre-wed in York one glorious winter day in December (post here)… … but as per usual we got grizzly English weather, raining harder than one would like on one’s wedding day! I secretly had my…

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Barnaby Aldrick - Cheers very much Tushar!

bri - love the ring shot ;)

Leeds Guide Magazine // Corn Exchange Spring Fashion Shoot • by Barnaby Aldrick

I was approached a week or so ago by the Leeds Guide Magazine editorial team to shoot their upcoming spring fashion feature.  They’d booked the Corn Exchange (mentioned in my last post, as the place where I technically became a professional photographer!) and were looking for models.  On our recent 3B Media Urban Portraits training…

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ac - It’s nice to see you play with the light a bit more, like it :) The back light gives life, to the strukture of hair and fabric. Nice!
Leaning horizons could be fun, but this is like looking at the same picture over and over again. I found myself happy at the sight of the last one, with the straight horizon.
Maybe you could play mor with cropping too? Or do you have a set layout – do they all have to be full body images? I guess the models are regular people, but your charming – make them have some sort of expression. The thing about your weddingpicture is that I can really see that you make them comfortable, that brings feelings. Fashion ofcourse should show clothes, but it doesn’t have to be flat.

Barnaby Aldrick - Hey AC! Good calls and thanks for the constructive crit! I didn’t realise I’d shot so many of the images I posted at wonky angles. Of the overall images I supplied to the mag, less were at a ‘jazzy angle’.
And in terms of cropping, the mag wanted full body portraits to show off the clothes. I agree about the range of expression though. A bit more variety than the old stoney glance off camera & steely pout, would have been nice. But the feature was more about the outfits. But great to hear your thoughts babe! I’m enjoying my adventures in flash!

Svetlana - Gorgeous photos! I’ve only started to explore off camera light adn love it!! I would love to see the set up shots from this kind of shoots, please post them.:)

Barnaby Aldrick - Hey Lana! Off camera flash is certainly the way forward to get creative lighting setups hey? Ironically it’s such a dark art, but great fun to learn about.
I’ll do my best to post setup pix – I can remember to do them! I’m usually a bit lost in the moment to remember to step back and shoot the setup, but I think it’d be great to do so. Watch this, er, cyberspace!
B x

Cris - Another great set of pics Mr B! I think you can tick the box and move onto the next class :) The clothes are shown off really well, and I can’t wait to see the cover in the shops. You have retained the unique Barnaby feel to the pics which I really like, and I think Stef and Alex did a really good job of the super quick changes. My fault for not bringing my camera with me for shooting the set ups, I’ll tie a knotted hanky to remind me next time!!!! Top Job!!! Oh and I’d like to point out that I am much thinner and better looking in real life, but I do tend to walk around with that camp look on my face quite a bit :)

Maurice Matthews - Hi Barnaby, I’m Cris’s granddad, thank you so much for letting me enjoy your splendid photography, all power to your elbow, regards Maurice.

There and back again // A photographer’s tale • by Barnaby Aldrick

My backstory is that I’ve always been observant. Me mam said I had ‘Sharp eyes’. It didn’t take long before I started to enjoy photography. As a young teenager I used to get packed off on organised annual canal holiday camps, cruising the delectable waterways of Birmingham with 50 random kids, who over the years…

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Kate - Great post with plenty of honeymoon inspiration – thanks! LOVE the shot of the town hall lion, it’s fabulous.

Barnaby Aldrick - Thanks Kate!

AC - Don’t ever go and do something criminal Barn, that shot of you grumpy with lovely hairdo will do good on a frontpage. ;)

Becci Hull - Barnaby I love this blog post! I haven’t seen your travel photos before & they are beautiful. I’m sat at my desk wanting to get on the first plane out of here….!
Love that you have just described your passion for photography…not just all the jargon mumbo jumbo that a lot of photography blogs harp on about.
Capturing moments is what it’s all about for me & you have just reminded me of this fact so cheers :-)

Becci Hull - p.s. I remember you with that ‘bob’

Hazel - Very cool post Mr B, so cool to see some of your earlier travel stuff.. makes you want to pack your bags and go travelling!

Barnaby Aldrick - Cheers for the kind words kids!
Ps. It was an ‘undercut’ not a ‘bob’! ;-)

Michelle Williams - Barnster- you rock! Always did, always will. I also remember the ‘undercut’ and think it’s high time it made a return…Big hug xx

An Evening With Martin Parr // Creative Networks • Photography by Barnaby Aldrick

Last Thursday night I joined my 3B media pals Mr Barber & Mr Booker and a good bunch of my Randall Network buddies The Lawsons, Rebecca Honeywell, Oliva Brabbs, Susie Lawrence for ‘An Evening with Martin Parr’. He was in Leeds giving as a guest speaker at the College of Art and Design. If you’ve…

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Simon - I just can’t get in to Mr Parr’s work, but he’s a great bloke from what I’ve seen on TV, very funny. Speaking of famous photographers – have you ever seen the Avedon documentary here? Good viewing.

Aidan - There’s the “Gulf War Board Game” in Parrworld as well, that looked pretty fun.