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Broughton Hall Utopia // Wedding Venue, Skipton [by Barnaby Aldrick Wedding Photography]

Check this grand ol’ place out! This is the beautiful Broughton Hall, up near Skipton in the Yorkshire Dales I made a special trip up there earlier this week to visit their ultra-modern award-winning venue, UTOPIA, designed by Sir Michael Hopkins. I was up to meet Kelly, who it seems co-ordinate many of the doings around the vast Broughton…

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The things people do to ‘Experience Freedom’ // Go Pro [Barnaby Aldrick Photography

Check out these crazy base-jumping, wing-suited, skydiving mentiles…   I caught this vid from via a pal on Facebook and thought it was worth a share.  It’s absolutely insane, and at times a little overwhelming. It’s a great example of how music and editing work together, and of what’s capable with a lot of bottle and a bunch…

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An AT-AT is for life, not just for Christmas // Star Wars spoofery [by Barnaby Aldrick]

Remember these ace walkers from the start of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back? The geeks amongst you’ll know they’re ‘AT-AT’s, which of course is short for ‘All Terrain Armored Transport’.  But of course you already knew that. Well, pottering around on the web the other day, I saw that some have taken to keeping…

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James Pearson - That video is so brilliant!! I love the Jabba the Hutt part especially!

Kyra’s Christmas Fleece // Equafleece Dog Jumper! [by Barnaby Aldrick Photography]

My dear rescue dog, Kyra, told me how much she likes dressing up.  Or at least I think she said ‘likes’.  That kinda stunned expression is a bit cryptic… Either way, as winter temperatures drop and with Christmas pending, I thought I’d treat her to a festive jumper from Equafleece - purveyors of finely-crafted dog-wear!  They’re not…

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Wedding Albums // Loxley Bellissimo Perfetto [by Barnaby Aldrick Wedding Photography]

The album’s I generally offer my clients are AsukaBook photobooks.  I’ve often thought of my photographic style as being that of a visual storyteller, and my album choice and style has evolved as a consequence of that.  The storybooks I offer generally have 80 pages, leaving ample space to really chapter & tell the tale of…

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Priory Cottages at Syningthwaite // Wedding Fair – Sunday 30th Oct 2011 [by Barnaby Aldrick Wedding Photography]

Today I’m at the wedding fair at The Priory in Syningthwaite (try saying ‘Syningthwaite’ fast twice!) I shot these puppies on my iPhone when I arrived this morning (with the cunning Hipstematic iPhone app) The Priory is basically a wicked new wedding/events venue deep the fields of North Yorkshire surrounded by ace holiday cottages and an ancient Priory building.  It…

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‘Drive’ // The love child of Film Noir & a Western? [Movie thoughts by Barnaby Aldrick]

With the craziness of a busy summer’s wedding photography I’ve not written enough personal blogs around the OTD slideshows and pre-weds, and now the season’s settling back into bed a bit, I’m gonna get posting more varied posts again, including sharing my thoughts on films I’ve recently enjoyed… [nb: if you hit ‘subscribe’ above you’ll…

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Move. Eat. Learn. Rick Mereki’s triptych moving love letter to travel

“3 guys, 44 days, 11 countries, 18 flights, 38 thousand miles, an exploding volcano, 2 cameras and almost a terabyte of footage… all to turn 3 ambitious linear concepts based on movement, learning and food ….into 3 beautiful and hopefully compelling short films.” That’s a quote from Rick Mereki, who with two buddies (producer Tim White…

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Rainy 12 Miler // New 24mm lens, wide open [by Barnaby Aldrick]

For some bizarre reason I’ve signed myself up for a 12 mile walk in the lakes this summer with a bunch of nutters from Clare’s other job. The chap organising it decided to stretch our legs with a practice 12 mile walk round where he lives in Scisset, near Hudderfield. I saw it as a…

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Christopher Campbell - Great pictures, although the day looked a miserable wet day. And Barnaby, 2 grand on a lens?!!…

Barnaby Aldrick - Yup – it was a grim day indeed amigo! I actually bought it 2nd hand off someone I know for £700. Still ain’t cheap, but as you say £2k seems a bit silly…

Kirsten - Love this post Barnaby! great photos you made a rainy day look fun… so what’s the conclusion?? 1.4 or 1.6 they all look fab to me!!

Barnaby Aldrick - I think the conclusion for me is that for fun, shoot f1.4 and try and get it right (or f1.6 / f1.8 to help with critical sharpness), and for work (weddings etc) I’ll be up around f2 to make sure I don’t miss anything important!

Cheers for the comment K! B x

The Art of FLIGHT // Ace Snowboarding Trailer by [Barnaby Aldrick Blog]

Wow!  Check this awesomeness… Fantastic, inspiring film-making eh? It’s a teaser for a Red Bull documentary following epic snowboarding shenegans around the world. But the nuts (read: progressive) blend of film making & technology is what excites me, really capturing the adventure/travel drama of adrenaline-fuelled mentalists in action. The Art of FLIGHT releases September 2011….

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Simon - Wow, that IS amazing, almost makes me forget that red bull tastes like piss. Brain Farm are doing some really interesting stuff, did you see this?