Helen & Richard // Pre-Wedding Shoot • Photography by Barnaby Aldrick

One misty morning last week I joined an old pal Helen & her partner Richard for their pre-wedding meeting in York.

I’ve known Helen for years and she’s had me booked pretty much since she started dreaming up her big day!

Helen & Richard

It’s always a little different shooting people you know. But these two made my life nice & easy.

Helen & RichardThey’re getting married next month at the Fairfield Manor and it’s all starting to get exciting.

Helen & Richard

Richard had his eye on this little seat. Clearly just wanted a sit down and a snog.

Helen & Richard

Once upon a time I used to work for Helen can honestly say she’s the best manager I’ve ever worked for.

Helen & RichardRound the back of the bins!

I spotted a blue container that made a fun background.

Helen & RichardAww look at these two.

Helen & RichardI’m really looking forward to joining these two on their big day! Knowing Helen it’ll be a giggle!