Jonas Peterson // A moving tale – by Barnaby Aldrick

A Swedish friend of mine sent me a link to a Swedish wedding tog living and working in Australia called Jonas Peterson.  I just had a nosey through his excellent wedding blogsite (which made me wanna buy one of those not-so-cheap tilt & shift lenses…) and had a link to an interesting Q&A section about his style/tips.

But in his site in his personal ‘about me’ chat he was describing his inspiration & wrote:

“Eight months ago I brought my camera to work as usual and I shot what was going on around me the way I always do. Then something suddenly happened. To me this was one of the best and most extraordinary days of my life and I decided to capture it.

To me nothing will ever be more beautiful.”

Check the slideshow by clicking the image below.

Jonas Peterson[Or if if that doesn't work, click here]

I found the whole thing quite special – stunning moments & details right there.

It reminded me that you never knows what your going to see as you set out of the house.  It also reminded me to remember to shoot for myself too.

Plus I can show it to my partner when she groans as I take your camera out, again, just around the corner from the last place I had my camera out…

John Hope - That slideshow is stunning – very emotive. The guy has got some skills eh!

Barnaby Aldrick - Yeah man – he’s fantastic eh? An ace photographer, catching moments beautifully.

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