Link International in Uganda – 3. Uganda from the road

Note: This is one of a series of blogs I’m posting about my recent trip to Africa for a month’s charity photography for Link International, documenting their projects around Uganda

Spending nearly a month driving up & down Kenya & Uganda, I shot a lot of images out of vehicle windows.

I’ve posted a few already from the Kenya Drive, but here are a few that (I think) give a flavour of what Kampala & it’s surrounding area look like.

Street life

Those brick kilns I mentioned, eternally cooking mud at the roadside.

I like this one too.  Sometimes as you zoom past & squeeze, the composition takes care of itself

Every other shop is a pork joint or a banana stand

Photo studio!

One of the link minivan vehicles heading into the slums

Veg market

I love that you see 6ft square wooden boxes that say stuff like ‘restaurant’, ‘saloon’ & ‘hotel’ on them

The view outside the car was generally better than inside…

Tune in tomorrow (Thursday) at 9am to hear about the beads community project


Link Up:

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