Nina & Mark // OTD Wedding Slideshow – by Barnaby Aldrick

Nina & Mark

Last Saturday I shot the Ukrainian wedding of Nina & Mark round Bradford, Yorkshire.  I shot a ‘Ukey’ Wedding before (check the blog here) & really enjoyed all the fun traditions. There were family blessings in the morning, wedding party vodka shots, clipping safety pins into clothes for luck, an entire ceremony in Ukrainian, throwing of vodka at the wedding party, walking under cakes, drinking vodka with every guest, traditional Ukey dancers, more vodka drinking, more dancing, and so forth (generally + vodka).  As expected, it was a hoot.

But I thought I’d share with y’all a little feature of my wedding services. On the day of the wedding, while the guests get their feed at the ‘wedding breakfast’, I unload my memory cards into my laptop, & import them into Adobe Lightroom & prepare a cheeky slideshow for the evening reception.  Facilities permitting I include it with all my wedding packages, and it’s a great opportunity for the wedding couple and their guests to see my highlights from the day.

Nina & Mark Above was a snap I shot of a side table at a recent wedding showing a wedding slideshow on my laptop & one of my signature mountboards.

[Tip: pencils are better than pens, cos the less tasteful comments can be rubbed out.]

I try not to make a big event of the slideshow, just a laptop on a table – but some clients ask me to put the slideshow up on a venue projector.  Either way, I see them as especially cool for guests at the reception who may not have attended the wedding or seen the mornings preparations.  They get to see what happened during the day.

Plus, it’s always my challenge to try to make the bride & bridesmaids cry when they see their pics!

Last year, some buddies & I met an inspirational stateside wedding photographer called David Jay and he pointed out that once we’d put the work in creating an OTD wedding slideshow, why not export those images and immediately slap them up on the blog? As they’d only been lightly retouched (and potentially fully didn’t represent my finished work) I was a tad dubious about doing so, and generally preferred to post images once ‘fully processed’, a few weeks later.  But I’ve grown to agree that it doesn’t hurt to shown semi-processed pictures of the day.

So on Sunday I knocked together this quick video of the OTD slideshow (in Final Cut Pro) of pics I showed at Nina & Mark’s wedding:

[Audio: Groove Armada: Hands of Time, available on iTunes here]

You can click HD & fullscreen to see the video in all its crispy glory.  If you can’t see the video, click here to see the movie at

I’ll be doing a full blog post of finished images on here soon, but I hope you enjoyed this little nosey into the crazy world of Ukey weddings!