Emma & Ben’s friends refer to them as ‘Wakefield’s answer to Posh and Becks’, and it was great to see they’d put in the effort when they turned up for their pre-wed meet at Woodlands Hotel in Leeds!

eb-pw-02You may have heard me harp on about the importance of the pre-wedding shoot, which is why I include one in all my wedding packages. I always try to stress to clients that a pre-wedding shoot is a great way to get relaxed in front of the camera, but ultimately, it’s also a free photoshoot!  I supply the top pre-wed images (in full & web resolution) on the image DVD alongside the final wedding images at no extra cost.  If the couple have put in the work dressing in their best they’ll love looking back at those images later.  If the couple roll up in lazy tracksuits after a big night out no doubt the photos won’t hold the same power.

Take a look at these cool shots of Emma & Ben – you wouldn’t think it was their first time infront of a camera!eb-pw-05



I also often use the couple’s favourite pre-wed image on the final page of the album as shown here on Emma & Ben’s client area:

E&B-Final-Album-pageIf a couple have made the effort, they feel special, and these kids looked great!  Emma & Ben totally got into the swing of things and were messing about and skipping through Woodland’s woodlands.  They appeared to be having lots of fun and I think that’s come across in the images.

Good work!  The big day’s gonna be easy!


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