What do you think most couples say is the most important thing to look for in a wedding photographer?

Because it might not be what you think!

A wedding day is a whirlwind event.

A hundred different moving parts, each having to happen at the right time to keep the day moving along.

And in between it all – a thousand special, intimate moments that deserve to be captured. A wedding photographer captures the story of your day.

So, when you get your pictures you not only look back and remember what happened at your wedding, but you also relive the memories of how you felt on one of the most special days of your life.

Intimate Yorkshire Wedding Photography

The joy in your heart to have those close to you sharing that magical day with you.

The emotions you felt just before walking down the aisle.

The spur of the moment events that are there and gone again in an instant, but are the things that truly make your wedding the perfect day

Because a wedding photographer isn’t just someone who’s job it is to stand at the sidelines and take photos. They capture the experience of the day. The laughter, the joy, the love – and all the emotions in between.

And it’s only through experience that they have the skill to get all of that.

Fun group wedding moments by Yorkshire Photography by Barnaby Aldrick

A great photographer is a master of organisation…

They have to be friendly, approachable, and make everyone feel comfortable – even those guests that hate having their photo taken.

But they also need to be able to control and direct the action (and your wedding party!!) to make sure you get all your important photos. Because you’ll be surprised about how quickly time flies on the day.

And just as importantly, they have to know when to step back and capture things from afar.

To get those intimate moments…

Intimate wedding moments by Yorkshire Photography by Barnaby Aldrick

The laughter on your friend’s face who’s having the time of their lives on the dancefloor…

A hug between you and your bridesmaid as a thank you for everything she’s done to help get this day organised.

That tender, private moment when you thought no one was looking – pure joy, pure love, and a memory you can now look back on forever & experience that feeling again any time you want.

Emotive Yorkshire Wedding Photography

So how should you choose a wedding photographer?

A lot of people choose a photographer based on their Instagram highlights. They pick someone who’s taking the latest trending shot because it’ll be something they can share when the day is over. And sure, that image is beautiful…

But… I’ve been photographing weddings for over 15 years, and here’s a secret I’ve learned in that time – that’s not the photo that becomes their cherished memory.

I’ve had a lot of brides email me after a wedding and tell me that they were surprised by which photos they actually liked the best.

Intimate wedding moments by Yorkshire Barnaby Aldrick Wedding photography

Social platforms are packed full of ‘hero shots’ – that photo that most photographers love to take (because it looks great on their wedding blogs and socials)

And while images like these are probably shared the most, it’s actually the pictures that no one knew were being taken that perfectly captured a moment in time – emotional, sentimental or funny.

That’s the photo that they go back to most often, because it’s not just a snapshot of what was happening on the day, it’s a snapshot of the love and joy they were feeling as well.

Because with a great wedding photographer you can have it all – the spectacular instagram-worthy shot, AND the intimate, tender moments that will still make you tear up or smile when you look at them a decade from now.

You deserve to have the wedding day of your dreams, because let’s face it, when it comes to wedding planning, one person usually takes responsibility for the majority of the work… And it isn’t usually the groom

And the last thing you want is for all that effort and planning to not be captured perfectly… To miss out on being able to relive those precious memories because the photographer didn’t have the experience to know how to effectively manage the day.

You deserve to have a wedding day that runs smoothly, that’s well organised, and one where all the moments you want captured are yours forever.

You deserve to have a photographer that captures the very best of you as a couple.

That will give you memories that you can keep for a lifetime.

Yorkshire Wedding Photography, Booking a wedding photographer

Really great photographers can use their experience to get the best out of you and your wedding day even in the toughest of circumstances.

They can use their charm to capture a beautiful picture of that family member who just hates having their photo taken – and show them in their best light.

That can make sure that even on a tight timeframe, they can organise your wedding party to get every single photo you could ever want to look back on.

And that even if things happen that are outside of your ideal plan (because trust me, they can!) things still work out perfectly.

I remember an evening when I was shooting a wedding at East Riddlesden Hall, and it was time for the outdoor photos of the bride and groom in the beautiful gardens during the ‘blue hour’. Only problem was, it was absolutely bucketing it down with rain! It could have been something that would ruin a less experienced or less organised photographer, but with a bit of clever lighting and brave 5 seconds in between umbrellas, we managed to get the photo that this couple told me was one of the highlights of their night.

Because you might get a golden hour, or you might get rain… but with the right photographer you’ll always get awesome images!

Yorkshire wedding photographer at East Riddlesden Hall, wedding photos at Birdsall House

So you’ve hired me as your wedding photographer – here’s how it typically goes:

Step 1 – We chat! Best way to find out if we’re a match is to have a conversation. Use the button below to book a casual 15-30minute zoom chat about what you’ve got in mind, with no pressure whatsoever.

Step 2 – You want to move forward? That’s great. We then decide on a collection that works for you and transfer a booking fee… then you get on with planning the party!

Step 3 – A few months before the wedding, we’ll schedule a pre-wedding meeting, to run through the schedule – to ensure we’re all on the same page – and put you guys through a quick practice photo squirm! This allows you and your partner to get comfortable in front of the camera before rather than on the day (which is SO valuable to those who don’t really like being photographed!)

Step 4 – It’s suddenly the big day and it’s party time! All you’ve got to do is relax, be in the moment and leave the storytelling to me!

In the end though, this is your special day, and we’ll run it the way you want it to go…

One of the things I pride myself on the most is that I’m always available for you in the lead up to your wedding day.

Have any questions? I’m a phone call away.

Want to get an idea about the timeline of photos after the ceremony – drop me an email and I’ll get back to you straight away.

And you’re supported not just in the lead up to the wedding day, but on the day itself as well.

Because that’s the difference between a good wedding photographer and an amazing one. My years of experience allow me to make sure that you won’t have to even think about the photos, about organising the wedding party so they’re available to get those essential pictures.

In the run up, I’m like a wedding planner; in the morning, I’m like a secret bridesmaid; in the afternoon I’m like a wedding coordinator, by the evening, I’m like a guest!

You just relax and leave it up to me!

I’d love to chat with you about how we can make sure that at the end of your wedding day, you’ll have a treasure trove of beautiful memories to relive for years:


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