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A few weeks back a blast from-the-past schoolpal called Mel got in touch with me saying she was now a thespian and required some actorly headshots doing!

We hooked up for a brew at my fave cafe bar in the world – The Reliance – and chatted about school, life, choices, travel, values, work, family, dogs and art (and enjoy the main reason to be self employed, to enjoy booze before noon on a school day!).  We put a date in the diary and met up a few days later in Roundhay Park with a bag stuffed with clothes.  Traditionally, headshots are done in studios, under heavy lighting in front of a white background (like the headshots I did at NDP studios for Annabel Riley recently here), but apparently there’s just as much a call to do them outside in natural light now, which is my natural photographic habitat anyhoos.

I do always find it entertaining photographing actors, because they’re so much more aware of what they’re doing physically than the ‘normal’ people I photograph at weddings! Of course, being primarily a wedding photographer, I instinctively try to talk rubbish to make the subject laugh so I can capture a natural and fun response.  But we were also aiming for a serious, competent, dedicated, reliable, warm, approachable, care-free, interesting personalities (as well as whatever other spectrum of emotion passed over Mel’s face).  After all it’s these headshots that get an actor work, so they’ve got to be a blankly versatile canvas, yet with enough interest to captivate the eye…

So I basically stood there wielding a bag of primes, a reflector and a load of cheeky gags, with the hope that we’d eventually capture what we were hoping for…

And here are a few highlights…

Leeds Actors Headshots 002.jpgLeeds Actors Headshots 003.jpgLeeds Actors Headshots 004.jpgLeeds Actors Headshots 005.jpgLeeds Actors Headshots 006.jpgLeeds Actors Headshots 007.jpgLeeds Actors Headshots 008.jpgLeeds Actors Headshots 009.jpgLeeds Actors Headshots 010.jpgLeeds Actors Headshots 011.jpg

Thanks for looking!

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