Frequently Asked Questions:

When spending this amount of money on your wedding photography – and more specifically, your memories of your big day – you no doubt have many questions! I’ve compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions to answer many common queries, but do drop me a line if you’ve any specific questions in mind…

General Questions:

Does wedding photography matter?

In a word, yes!

Weddings are months, sometimes years in the planning and often it can feel like they’re over in a flash. Your special day will be a whirlwind of sights, sounds, smiles, tears and people you’ve not seen for years, so having someone to capture everything beautifully will help you remember forever the things that might otherwise be lost in the mists of time.

I pride myself on my ability to capture the tenderness, humour and tiny details through the universal language of photography – to take you back to those beautiful moments and experience them all over again.

We reckon we might be mega awkward in front of the camera, is that going to be ok?

In spite of my site and blog being packed with couples looking relaxed, beautiful and in love, it’s easy to think somehow I won’t be able to do that with you! Fortunately, one of my special powers is putting people at ease.

The best thing to do if you’re concerned about this is to book in a pre-wedding practice shoot before the wedding to get you comfortable in front of the camera. That way we’re all singing from the same hymn-sheet, it’ll give you a chance to get used to how it feels to be photographed by me, and it’ll end up easier and quicker on the big day – which means one thing: more mingling, canapés and fizz for you! After all, practice makes perfect.

How do you work on the day?

As there are generally two photographers at all the weddings I shoot, I visit the the bride and her girls in the morning to capture preparation shots (hair and make up, putting on the dress, details like shoes and flowers), while the second photographer heads to the chaps to catch shots of the groom and his boys getting ready). We join forces at the ceremony, so are able to cover both the front and back of the venue (though this is dependent on the ceremony officiator’s rules).

Afterwards, we usually get a quick shot of everyone and a blast of confetti, before heading to the afternoon reception. Sometimes the couple portraits are done as guests arrive, sometimes later. We like to turn through a handful of quick formal shots so the couple are left with time to enjoy the company of their guests. From that point onwards, it’s reportage-style images of family and friends enjoying themselves! If we stay into the evening, we document the speeches, official cutting of the cake, first dance, party people on the dancefloor, and evening guests mingling as the party kicks off and the light fades.

Do we need a full day's photography?

All my packages kick off with photography of the morning preparations and we stay right through until the couple go into the meal. If speeches are done before the meal we stay on and include them in the package. There’s an extra charge for us to photograph your evening celebrations, which includes photographing after dinner speeches, cake cutting mingling and getting down on the dancefloor. The preparation part of the day is optional, but always included, as it gives us loads of opportunities to shoot beautiful, relaxed images and capture all the details you’ve thought so hard about, and also allows you to get used to having a photographer around before you hit the limelight!

Will we meet you face to face before the wedding?

While it’s not compulsory, it’s always good to meet face to face before the wedding – be it at an initial coffee meeting before you book, if you’re passing through Leeds in the run up to your wedding, or at a pre-wedding practice shoot at your convenience. But included in all my packages is a pre-wedding planning meeting (via skype, on the phone or in person in Leeds).

As well as informal reportage images, can we also have formal group shots?

Yes – I am more than happy to shoot a limited number of formal group shots. While I understand the importance of group shots, I prefer to work in an informal way and like to keep group shots to a minimum. I have a recommended group shot list of around 10 shots, but we can discuss group permutations at the pre-wedding meeting. It is also helpful if you point out things like “My best friend is playing the flute at the wedding”, so we know to photograph that person as a treasured guest!

Are you insured?

I am fully covered by both Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance, however, you should consider taking out your own wedding insurance to cover against the worst. The small premium you pay is nothing in comparison to covering the cost of your day.

What if the weather is bad on the day?

Don’t worry! Having worked in England for years, I know how to deal with most situations that adverse weather may present. I generally prefer to work outdoors with natural lighting (generally without flash), but can work just as easily indoors. In fact, it’s useful to know that overcast days lend a flattering, diffused light to photography that looks fantastic in black and white!

What happens if you get ill?

Luckily, I’m a fairly robust person, which I put down to having eaten a lot of mud as a child. However, if something bad was to happen to me, there will be no need to worry as I am a member of three UK wedding photographer networks, including one cleverly named “Emergency Wedding Photography Cover Club”, that will almost certainly have a willing stand-in.

What happens if your equipment gets ill on the day?

If anything breaks during the wedding, I always have on-hand additional camera bodies, ample back-up lenses and spare memory cards / batteries. So, short of dropping my entire camera bag into a canal, I’ll always be able to keep shooting in the event of any technical failures.

Do you just photograph weddings?

Whilst I am first and foremost a wedding photographer, I also offer portrait sessions for couples, babies, bumps and more! Do get in touch for more details.

Meeting the Photographer:

Will the person we meet be our photographer on the big day?

Yes, I am the main photographer – there are no salespeople involved! I know how important it is to meet and connect with the photographer who will be sharing your day with you.

Will you come for a pre-wedding venue viewing?

If you book a ‘Pre-shoot’, or there’s one included in your collection, I’m more than happy to join you at your wedding venue before the big day to become familiar with a place I’ve not photographed before.

Don’t worry if I’ve not photographed at your venue before: I always do a good scout of your venue before the wedding, even if it’s on the morning of the wedding before joining you for your preparations to find the best spots! It’s never a concern that I’ve not photographed at a venue before.

Do we get copies of the pre-shoot images?

You will receive copies of the pre-wed images (in web-resolution before the wedding, and in full size on the wedding image USB). Some couples lay out their pre-wedding images into a guest book for friends and family to sign on the wedding day. Others frame their fave image in a large signature mount for guests to sign during their reception. A framed print also makes a nice canvas or thank-you gift to parents and grandparents.

Will the mornings shoot only cover bridal preparations or the groomsmen too?

Depending upon distances between preparatory venues, I am happy to visit both the bridal preparations and groomsmen preparations. This will be discussed at your pre-wedding meeting.

Do we need a second photographer?

I can work unaided, but you’re welcome to book a second photographer to photograph the gents’ preparations, as well as for a second angle during the ceremony and to capture guests mingling while I do portraits and formals. It’s a great addition to the story, as you get ultimate coverage with two pairs of eyes.

What’s Included:

When will we see our photographs?

I try to post and link you in to a highlights blog within a few days of your wedding, then I always deliver images within a four-week timeframe after the wedding. You’ll then receive an online gallery of images in a private smartphone-friendly gallery, where photographs can be shared, downloaded and bought as prints at your leisure.

How long do you stay for?

I offer two lengths of stay. Both start as early as you like (I’ve been out for early rounds of golf with the groomsmen before) and we stay either until the wedding meal, or through into the evening to capture mingling, caking, dancing and general partying.

How many photos do we actually get?

The number of images supplied varies, depending on the collection chosen. On average, in the Digital Collection you’d receive around 300-400, or around 400-600 with a second shooter. With the Full Day Two-Shooter Collection you’d expect in the region of 500-700 images. You would also receive all images in both un-watermarked printable and web-resolution JPEG formats.

Are the photos in colour or black and white?

I carefully select and process the best images on a calibrated Photoshop workstation in various different ways, like the images shown in these galleries. For the final USB, images are processed into both colour & black+white.

Can we print the images ourselves?

I supply all the best images from the day on an image USB, in both printable and emailable formats. These images are not watermarked and you are assigned the rights to legally print and distribute the images as you wish. Some wedding photographers offer devious packages that include a fixed number of prints and you end up paying through the nose for the hundreds of others you like. With me you get hundreds of images for you to print as you please!

Where should we print them?

You can print them yourself at home or take them to your high street photolab, though beware of substandard high street labs – the automated lab process can average out / take the punch out of images. Some good online labs are photobox or snapfish.

Do we get the copyright to the images?

All good images from the day are supplied on your USB for you to make prints and use as you wish. Image copyright, however, belongs to Barnaby Aldrick unless negotiated otherwise, allowing Barnaby Aldrick to use images for promotional purposes. I provide clients with a license to print and distribute images to friends and family on a non-profit basis. You’re more than welcome to share images online (such as on Facebook etc).

Will we get every photo you take?

In a word – no. I shoot a lot of photos at a wedding and the a curation of the story is part of the presentation that makes my wedding story so special. Repetition, blinking, missed focus and unflattering expressions etc get binned, but be assured that anything worth delivering will be processed and delivered, and are never held back for the sake of numbers.


How much should we assign to our photography budget?

It’s not my place to tell you what to spend, however, Colin Buck (chief executive of the Master Photographers Association) states: “As a rough guideline, I’d suggest putting aside approximately 10% of your budget for photographs”. Remember your photographs will document the day for eternity, so a quality photographer is the best investment you can make on your wedding day.

Is VAT included?

Barnaby Aldrick Wedding Photography is not a VAT registered business, so Value Added Tax is not applicable my pricing and packages. In short, the prices you see are the prices you pay!

How do we book you and how can we pay?

I request a deposit of £500 upon booking and this comes off your balance. The deposit ensures my commitment to your wedding and therefore is non-refundable. You can pay by cheque or online bank transfer. The final balance must be settled six weeks before the date of your wedding.

Can you save a date for us?

A date is booked once a couple sign their contract and pay the booking fee. I get a lot of enquiries for most dates so please don’t wait too long to get in touch as your date may get booked!

How far are you willing to travel?

I shoot locally, nationally and internationally, and have travelled as far as India and Thailand for weddings. While I primarily shoot weddings in the North of England, drop me a line to discuss weddings further afield. Travel is included up to a 50-mile round trip from Leeds city centre. I generally charge petrol expenses at 50p/mile and will discuss any additional costs with you (including hotel accommodation where required). I will always try to be flexible and am happy to look at trains, etc. if it works out more cost-effective. I also happily consider destination weddings around the world. For European weddings it’s generally a supplement of £500 and I’ll arrange flights, car hire and accommodation.

Do you charge expenses?

Expenses are charged for travel on anything over a 50-mile round trip (at 50p/mile) and hotel accommodation may be required for weddings far enough away from Leeds to merit an overnight stay. We can discuss such requirements prior to your day

Do photographers need to be fed?

It is nice, but not essential to be fed in a room away from your guests during the wedding breakfast while we back up images to a laptop. We are more than happy to provide our own food on the day at your request.

I hope that answers any questions you may have! Do ‘Make Contact‘ if you’ve any more or hit the button below and I’ll send you an eBrochure Price Guide to explain everything, with no pressure to book:

Here’s a question: Why are reviews so important?

My work relies on word of mouth. Most of it comes through referrals from past clients and venues singing my praises.

I work my socks off before, on and after every wedding day to ensure couples have the best possible wedding experience. The idea of an unhappy client keeps me up at night, so over the ten years I’ve been a wedding photographer I’ve not only refined my craft as a photographer, but have developed an organised work-flow to make your experience completely worry-free!  My borderline obsessive-compulsive archival systems protect your photographs and I’m constantly investing in state-of-the-art gear and back-up equipment.

Facebook and Google reviews are one of the only legit ways of hearing the truth from the horses mouth. I’ve only been collecting them for few years, but check out the reviews from real couples below, which have been consistently 5 stars:

Where next?

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