Last Thursday night I joined my 3B media pals Mr Barber & Mr Booker and a good bunch of my Randall Network buddies The Lawsons, Rebecca Honeywell, Oliva Brabbs, Susie Lawrence for ‘An Evening with Martin Parr’. He was in Leeds giving as a guest speaker at the College of Art and Design.

If you’ve not heard of Martin Parr, he’s an infamous British documentary photographer.  With his distinctive, often wryly amusing, candid photography Martin Parr has become one of the most influential living British Photographers working today. With over fifty books and countless exhibitions, he is known for his lurid and sometimes shocking use of colour in photography and his satirical witty approach to documentary photography.

It’s always interesting meeting idolised photographer’s in the flesh.  Here’s an apt self portrait I found of the man:

BAWP Parr 1

The audience was invited to vote on which one of 3 presentations he had put together and they would most like to hear; ‘Parrworld’,  ‘Martin Parr – the story so far’ or Martin Parr my collection of Photo books. After a number of chances to vote the audience selected ‘Parrworld’. This was exhibition that was held at the Baltic in Gateshead. It was an a exhibition  with a difference, less an exhibition in the standard sense – although it’s the largest ever to be dedicated to his work – and more an old-fashioned cabinet of curiosities, such as images of his impressive collection of Saddam Hussein watches…


… commemorative minor’s strike and Mrs Thatcher plates (amusingly, she’s a person he passionately hates but has somehow collected more memorabilia of than any other)…

BAWP Parr 2 Plate

…and various old postcards of hotel lounges, Butlins indoor swimming pools in the 60’s and generally tasteful greetings cards like this one…


It was a most interesting and popular evening.  In spite of Mr Parr looking like someone’s bored dad he’s got fantastic comedy delivery and like myself is amused by the little details most people miss.

The evening was free and hosted by Creative Networks at Leeds College of Art.  They host such events every month for all creative, digital and cultural industry professionals.  Their website seems to not work, so if you’re interested in upcoming events or for more info contact Creative Networks on 01422 399444.