Last Saturday was my girlfriend Clare’s 30th birthday. We like a bit of fancy dress action once in a while (don’t read into that too much), so she organised a joint party with our pal Kinsey with an ambiguous ‘TV/Movie/Superhero/whatever-you-fancy’ theme.

Anyhoos – I’ve a photobooth I set up for clients at weddings.  It’s basically a velvet curtain & a studio flash, generally manned by Clare at my weddings.  Check it being used by me at a wedding here.

Essentially, the booth is a perfect means to get high quality, studio-lit images of your pals being serious and silly.  So like at my Gangster & Moll’s themed 30th party back in January (blog post here) we thought we’d set it up at Clare’s bash too!

Here she is!  Princess Leia!

And birthday boy Kinsey, as He-Man

That is I, as Bobba Fett – Star Wars’ coolest bounty hunter!

A suspiciously attractive Cap’n Jack Sparrow

Jake & Elwood!  It was indeed dark & they’re wearing sunglasses

Points to Becca for Sesame Street’s Big Bird – the best homemade cozzie

Puss in boots!

You can generally rely on Matt to come as a ‘posh panda’ to every fancy dress party, whatever the theme

A pink lady from Greece

Slash hates runnin out of beer.

This is actually Dave Rees of my fave leeds musical act Pilla.  Check his amazing tunes on myspace here.

Mr Kinsey’s lovely wifey, as where’s Wally

Booker & Nell, working that Baywatch tan

April, as batgirl, having vanquished He-Man & stolen his sword

And another of my outfit, cos I LOVES IT!

If I weren’t selling it on eBay I’d wear this to process my wedding photography in.

But enough about me…

Remember, if you’d like a photobooth at your wedding, don’t hesitate to ask me about it.


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