Just a quick post(er!)

I was in a bar/restaurant in Headingley, Leeds the other day called Arcadia. It’s a bit of a Belgian-style beer house with a plethora of interestingly shaped bottles full of malty/fruity/nutty/cheeky 10% alcohol headaches. Here it be:

Arcadia Bar, headingley by Barnaby Aldrick Photography

The walls were covered with amazing Art Deco and Art Nouveau posters. I got chatting with the owner and he told me all about his love for this era.  He said he had to open a new room upstairs, because he didn’t have enough room for all his posters!  He told me he had a secret dealer who supplied him with the best posters from abroad.

He’s gonna have to face it like he’s addicted to art!

I love this era of art, and this amazing example caught my eye; so I thought I’d share:

Awesome poster in Arcadia Bar Leeds - by Barnaby Aldrick

Ace eh?  The fonts & stylings are just perfect.