When I was young I used to get told off for playing with my food.

Now I’m older and wiser I do it anyway, cos there’s no-one to tell me off.

Like Calvin & Hobbes: “Live & don’t learn, that’s us”

But I do like an egg in the morning, and love snapping em with the Hipstematic app on my iPhone & sharing ’em on facebook

As it’s Easter, I thought I’d share a few of the most eggciting images (brace yourself, it’s about to go all Saturday Kitchen…)

For eggsample:

This one’s not eggsactly my fave, but I do like the clean lines.

It was an eggsperiment with a poachpod

This is eggsactly how I like my yolk. Of eggcellent viscosity, and not too eggsplosive on the dip

Any one else think these look like eggstraterrestrial space craft?

I liked this eggspression, but I wouldn’t say it looks eggstatic

As far as egg puns go, I’d say our language is pretty well oeuf!

But you’ll be relieved to hear that that’s all yolks; as these puns are scrambling my brain.

So, may I take this opportunity to wish a very Happy Easter to one an all!

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