Holmfirth Pre-Wedding Photography 001.jpg

A little while back I joined Susannah & Will for their heathery pre-wedding practice shoot!

Holmfirth Pre-Wedding Photography 002.jpg

While some couples like to tie in our pre-wedding meeting with a venue visit in the run up to their wedding, when couples are getting married at a place I’ve photographed before, it’s not always necessary to do the practice portrait shoot there.  Some clients like to do the practice shoot somewhere special to them, such as the city in which they proposed, or a favourite place.

While Susannah & Will are getting married at the lovely Holdsworth House in Halifax very soon, they decided to do their practice pics in the beautiful rolling hills they love of the Peak District near Holmfirth.  So after a catchup in a local pub, we headed down for a dusky stroll down to a nearby reservoir, and these are a few of my favourite images from the shoot…

Holmfirth Pre-Wedding Photography 003.jpgHolmfirth Pre-Wedding Photography 004.jpg

These shots were all taken on the edge of the carpark!

Holmfirth Pre-Wedding Photography 005.jpg

It was great to catch up with these guys and hear all about their big day plans.  It sounds like their day is shaping up to be a cracker.

Holmfirth Pre-Wedding Photography 006.jpgHolmfirth Pre-Wedding Photography 007.jpg

I always wanted a pair of Cherry Red Dr. Martins when I was younger!

Holmfirth Pre-Wedding Photography 008.jpg

I always like to put couples through a practice shoot to help ease them into the idea of being photographed.  It’s always a pretty weird feeling for couples, so I try to show them it’s a bit of fun, and really all it takes is to cuddle up in front of a few nice backgrounds, and I’ll do the rest!

Holmfirth Pre-Wedding Photography 009.jpg

Nice to have the autumnal purple heather in the scene!

Holmfirth Pre-Wedding Photography 010.jpgHolmfirth Pre-Wedding Photography 011.jpg

Really like this one.

Holmfirth Pre-Wedding Photography 012.jpgHolmfirth Pre-Wedding Photography 013.jpg

It’s the season where (in spite of it happening every year) I’m somehow surprised by the light fading earlier in the day!

So by the time we headed into the woods, it was starting to get seriously dark!

Holmfirth Pre-Wedding Photography 014.jpg

But fortunately I’ve a nice stash of prime lenses built for just this purpose!

Holmfirth Pre-Wedding Photography 015.jpg

Either way, these guys were great in front of the camera, and it’s always nice to see a couple that relax together so well.

Holmfirth Pre-Wedding Photography 016.jpgHolmfirth Pre-Wedding Photography 017.jpg

For the shutterbugs out there, this image is f1.2 at 6400ISO on the Canon 5DmkIII!

This photo is essentially lighter than it looked to the naked eye!

ie. D A R K !

Holmfirth Pre-Wedding Photography 018.jpg

It was really lovely to catch up with these guys, and a good stroll in this lovely scenery really made me want to explore the Peaks more!

[I’m sure there are plenty of good dog walks ending at a good pub to be found…]

Stay tuned for the highlights from Susannah & Will’s wedding right here, the day after their wedding!

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