It’s been a while since I hit the blog with something that wasn’t mine, so I thought I’d share some inspired macro images I found a while back shot inside musical instruments.

Amazing eh?  Considering the size of the ‘f-holes’ I reckon this one’s a violin, but I could be wrong.

This campaign was commissioned to the Behance Network by the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, and were photographed by Munich-based photographer Mierswa Kluska.

This badboy must be the Berlin Philharmonic organ.

The premise of the campaign was to make you feel included and part of the musical experience, literally inside and out.

Like the violin, I love how the inside of this guitar looks like an enormous, dusty room!

The colour make’s me think trumpet or trombone, but I believe this one flute.


Lovely images, hey?  Clever concept & excellent execution.

It’s great to see creative advertising campaigns done this well, using such powerful photography!