My snapper buddy Mr Barber showed me this short film his Irish mate Larry McMahon shot on his Canon 5DmkII.

He filmed it at Shackleton Mill in Ireland and set it to John Murphy‘s 28 days later theme, giving it a haunting, menacing quality.

I basically wanted to show it on my blog cos it’s ace, and inspired me cos it was shot on the camera I use.  The thing that really makes this video (as well as the cool location and creative composition) is that it’s all been shot on a ‘Glidetrack‘, which is basically a mini ‘Dolly’, or a rail track you can attach your camera to for smooth pans.  It looks like this.


The quality of the pans gives a real movie-like quality to footage, and it inspired me to keep getting out to do interesting things with my camera.  So I bought one from the helpful Alasdair at Glidetrack (the man in the pic above) and intend to get out and do some filming myself.

Watch this webspace for some personal video projects…

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