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Very soon I’ll be joining Hannah + James for their big day at Goldsborough Hall, between Harrogate & Knaresborough in North Yorkshire!

Readers of this blog will know I like to do a practice round of pics with my couples before their big day, to get them comfortable in front of the camera.  If I’ve not shot somewhere before I generally meet them at their venue, to scope out locations and such, but if it’s somewhere I’ve shot before – like I have the lovely Goldsborough Hall – I let the couples choose somewhere they like for the shoot!

Hannah + James decided Ilkley might be special, and instead of meeting at the popular Cow + Calf rocks, they chose to meet just down the road at the lesser known ‘Darwin Gardens’ (AKA: West View Park).  I’ve never been before, and they’re lovely, with views of the infamous Cow + Calf, without being so exposed on the blowy moor!  Not a place to be on a blowy day, bar t’hat!


These are a few highlights from our wander around Ilkley Moor and around the Darwin Gardens, and it was really rather lovely to spend some time with this sweet pair…

Ilkley Pre-Wedding Photography 002Ilkley Pre-Wedding Photography 003Ilkley Pre-Wedding Photography 004Ilkley Pre-Wedding Photography 005Ilkley Pre-Wedding Photography 006Ilkley Pre-Wedding Photography 007Ilkley Pre-Wedding Photography 008Ilkley Pre-Wedding Photography 009Ilkley Pre-Wedding Photography 010Ilkley Pre-Wedding Photography 011Ilkley Pre-Wedding Photography 012Ilkley Pre-Wedding Photography 013Ilkley Pre-Wedding Photography 014Ilkley Pre-Wedding Photography 015Ilkley Pre-Wedding Photography 016

It’s going to be a fun wedding, especially with James in his military uniform!  Always looks super smart!

Stay tuned here for their wedding highlights a day or two after their Big Day!


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