Introducing Sarah & Chris!

We met last weekend in Burnsall in the Dales in glorious sunshine to chat over their upcoming big day.

I’ve photographed weddings in this village several times before, and it doesn’t get more picturesque Yorkshire than this.

They’re getting married at the beautiful Devonshire Fell just up the hill from Burnsall village green.

I went to school with these two once upon a time!

We drunk 8% cider in the park, Youth Hostelled together and generally listening to too much Nirvana, Suede & Blur.

But coolest of all, they were sweethearts in high school too.

All credit to their choice footwear selection.

This one’s probably my fave of the day, processed with a bit of a vintage finish.

Snoggin’ on the villiage green.  I don’t know.  These youngsters have no sense of decorum.

I like this ‘nearly-kissing’ shot. Though the wind & Sarah’s hair weren’t getting on so well.

A bit of fun at the end.



Unusually, Clare came to this pre-wed too, partly to meet Sarah & Chris & partly for the ride; with it being so lovely up in the Dales.

My nana taught my mum the great gastro-pubs of Yorkshire, and she in turn passes this info onto us.  The ones worth knowing about are generally called the something at somewhere.  I posted about our walk around the Golden Cock at Farnely Tyas (here), which was closed, so we went to The Butchers Arms at Hepworth.  But possibly my fave around is the Fleece at Addingham.  And as we were passing it seemed rude not to stop in.

This was one of three ever changing menus, that are always up on blackboards.

Clare was excited about her choice…

…for good reason too.  A ‘jumbo’ fish & chips that lives up to it’s name.  It seemed to come with 2 free mini-fishes.

But if I had to choose, I’d take mine again: Roast local belly pork • Honey Mustard glaze • Red Cabbage • Boulangere Bacon potatoes.

Ah, c’est la vie…

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