A couple of weeks back we had our pals Jules & Tom over for an 80s dinner party.  I’m not 100% sure why we decided to do it, but it was loads of fun.

As a child of the 80s it was lots of fun sourcing retro dishes & products.

When our pals arrived we started with a bit of cheeky Babycham action.

Mmmm, Perry.

“The happiest drink in the world”

Quite the claim!

Check the coronation chicken vol au vents for an hors d’oeurve!

Vol au vents have since disappeared from the culinary scene, and yet are still going strong in the funeral buffet scene.

Starter: Prawn cocktail…

…served with  Mateus Rose, the 80s fave, sweet pink vino.

The bottle used to have a wicker base and it was trendy to turn them into candlestick holders.

Mains: Coq au Vin – which looks a bit grim through the vintage processing – but it sure tasted tasty

Pud: Sara Lee’s Black Forest Gateaux

Our buddies brought Martini & Ferrero Rocher! Martini is grim.

Fererro Rocher aren’t.

Tom really spoilt us when constructed the ambassadors tower.

[Tip: we realised afterwards that it’s infinitely easier it is to build when you take them out of the brown cases!]

A few too many glasses of retro booze and caution went to the wind and someone thought it a good idea to use my macBook as a coaster.

Last week Jules & Tom asked us back to theirs for a Mad Men 1950s dinner party at theirs.  This one was fancy dress!

Images posted tomorrow!