Check this crazy video out.  I spotted it on DSLR cimema guru Vincent Laforet’s blog:

It’s Alex Roman‘s latest video project.  But before I go into more detail, check this out too:

That was a project made by a Graphic Designer/Art Director based in the UK BC2010.

Aside from being great looking films, the amazing thing about both movies is that (apart from greenscreen acting in the 2nd) they’re 100% COMPUTER GENERATED!! Not a single frame of these photo-realistic and immersive words were shot outside a computer 3D Modelling suite. Not only that, but the second spacey video ‘Modern Times’ was “made with no money, just a little time and a lot of passion”. Check out the behind the scenes doc:

If you like the first video by Alex Roman of​, check out this one too:

I spotted this one a while back (and believe I blogged about how convincing it looked).

So not only is it becoming totally believable, but if you got the toys & skills, you can do it in your garage. As Vincent Laforet said: “Not only are they close to perfect – but they are also produced by small teams of people… not HUGE Industrial Light and Magic type houses… these are fascinating days!”

There is no spoon!

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