Hey gang!

May I wish you all a wonderful Christmas!

(Christmas Kyra says hey too)

Watch out for that festive food coma!

May I take this opportunity to genuinely thank all of you who stop in to read my little photo blog.  Some of you are upcoming clients, some are past clients who still enjoy check out my wedding images and some are prospectively hunting down their ideal wedding photographer.  Others enjoy my Urban Explorations and pics of my pooch dressed as Star Wars characters; some are buddies of mine following links through my Facebook and Twitter feeds, and some are just random googlers – but high 5 to all of you.  It wouldn’t be worth doing this if you weren’t stopping by.

For the statisticians out there, there are now 360 posts on the blog, I’ve posted every wedding I’ve shot this year, as well as loads of links to music, jobs and trips I’ve snapped over the year, and it’s nuts to see people are reading all over the world!

Those Gwatamalans, Mongolians & Greenlandians are clearly off the ball, though

Google Analytics are a fascinating way to track who visits and what they read.

Over 2011, it’s mad to see nearly thirty six thousand people have popped by to check out the blog!

Twelve thousand of those have had the good sense to return for repeat viewings

It’s crazy to think about, but it really makes it worth doing!

It’s true that in peak season the majority of my posts are highlights from the weddings I’m chasing around, and come winter time, the focus shifts to dressing up my pooch and shooting music videos etc, but I’m gonna continue to post throughout 2012 and try to keep the mix up for you dear readers.

I’m taking January off for a winter break in Australia with Clare.  We’re gonna hang out with pals and catch some winter sun(burn) and no doubt I’ll have some enviable paradise beachy shots to post in slushy february!  But I’d like to say that I’m super lucky to be doing what I do, and have had such and ace bunch of like-minded clients this past year, and have a fab stack lined up next year.

So here’s to you, and to having a fabulous Xmas and making the most of 2012.  Be creative, and as I keep harping on about, you don’t need fancy gear to capture the magic around you… Get involved!