Happy Christmas Eve all!

Last weekend I was up at Bolton Castle in the heart of Wensleydale (nowhere near Bolton!) to do a pre-wed at for a wedding I’m shooting early next year.  It was an impressive building indeed, and I’m gonna be doing a separate post about the stunning 14th Century medieval castle and pre-wed shoot with Sophie & Rob in a few days, but it’s positioned in such a beautiful part of the Dales that I thought I’d do a post of images I blazed while in the area!The sun was beginning to peep out on my way through Wensleydale in the Yorkshire Dales National Park.I love it when the low winter sun’s poking through clouds, as it selectively lights up the hills and looks mint.I thought the hill over the Dale from Bolton Castle was Pen-Y-Ghent (which we climbed with our pooch Kyra last year – link at the end), and although similar in shape, it turned out to be called PenhillThere it is again in the distance.  The Dale’s are such a stunning area.I love how the low sun rakes across the landscape in weather like thisThis was a view from the Castle Bolton groups, looking along snowcapped Wensleydale
Yorkshire Dales are all about sheep, dry stone walls, hedgerows and sheep.

It’s so beautiful up in the Yorkshire Dales, and one day I hope to know it as well as my mum.  She seems to know a great pub in every Dale (generally known as “the Something at Somewhere”).  I’m so glad that my wedding work draws me out of the city to enjoy landscape that’s essentially on my doorstep!

If you’d like to see the post about us walking our pooch Kyra up Pen-Y-Ghent, where I snapped my fave ever image of the Dales, check out the post here.

Cheers for looking!  Pre-wed post and more Castle Bolton pics coming soon!


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