On a drizzly day last week I joined the bubbly Amanda & Mark for their pre-wedding meeting in Harrogate.

They’ve booked me to do their wedding photography at the Harrogate Masonic Hall, just down the road from the stray (the giant park in Harrogate).

Their ceremony is in the main Masonic Hall and we got to have a snoop around the fascinating building.

I’ve photographed in a Masonic Hall before in Leeds, and there’s a real mystery to what goes on in with the Masons!  I don’t think it’s quite so much a secret handshake culture these days, but there are all sorts of intriguing symbols everywhere.

We all found it quite difficult to be serious, left to our own devices in the hall!

So out we went to get practicing on the photoshoot.

They were lots of fun together and we all had a great laugh.

We wandered down to the stray to find some spots we can re-use on the wedding day.

Joking about the ring!

I find it invaluable to show my couples how it feels to be photographed.

It’s a learning experience for all of us, and makes the actual wedding shoot easier and quicker all round.

I like this one of them having a cuddle.

The all of a sudden the heavens opened and we had to run back for cover!

Gotta love that English weather!

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