After the Munich blog post I put up last week, I thought I’d share a few more pics from my recent visit…

I joined a few mates there to celebrate a pal’s 30th Birthday.

Someone had said to met it was a bit industrial, but I found it an amazing place.

Though I’m easily swayed…  Any city selling hotdogs on every corner is good with me!  Especially when the mustard matched my trainers.

It reminded me of all the Wursts Clare & I ate when we visited Berlin in December 2009 (blog post here)

Check out the ol’ health and safety of the old dude just walking along the roof of the church!

I’m not usually far from a camera of one sort or other, but this trip I was armed with my Canon IXUS 1000HS compact camera, and I love the miniature mode it has to add a tilt shift vibe to the images.  Images look especially good from up high, so we clambered up the steps of the above tower…

and got a bunch of ace miniature shot, making Munich look like a tiny model.  I posted more in the Mini Munchen blog post here.

Here are the loonies I went with.

Another thing I like about the miniature images is the selective blur you can place in the background, giving a more SLR look to usually rather flat compact camera images.

This is the infamous Hofbrauhaus beer hall.  It’s possibly the largest pub I have ever been in.I jest not, but inside it’s like a cathedral!

You get dedicated beer menus, and most of it comes in Litres

You can even make it come in two litres!

There’s a vast city park called the English Gardens where the alpine water flows in so fast that someone installed a concrete lip to slow the flow.

This inadvertently created a constant natural wave, and most days surfers flex their skills on this fast wave.  It’s quite a sight!

A bit further into the park is the Chinese pagoda beer garden…

which again, is of comedically large proportions.

The Municians (a term I invented for them) REALLY do like their beers – their beloved Helles, Dunkel & Weiss beer – and they treat it like water.

I think even children are allowed to order it.

The cities history is steeped in beer, and it’s fascinating learning how Nazi history took advantage of peoples love for the Helles & Dunkel by offering free drinks in the Hofbrauhaus if people listened to Hitlers propaganda.  

I liked this snap of some beard and a cyclist in evening light.

Rather hungover from a few too many steins the night before, we took a lazy visit to the excellent Deutsches Museum

Took a good look at the infamous Messerschmitt 109 that flew against the Hurricanes & Spitfires of WW2

They even had a V2 bomb…

Some cool ol’ byplanes, including one of the Wright Brothers aircraft.

This was one of the red baron triplanes!  I love how the tilt shift makes it looks like a tiny toy!

Another day we hired a bunch of ace California Cruisers and did a bike tour around the city

Here’s me, doing my best to look cool

Surprise surprise, the tour included a 2hr meat and beer break at a beer garden!  Helles & Currywurst if you please…

Walking back to our hostel I liked the long shadows of the populace…

Munich is home of the famous Oktoberfest beer festival, but while we were there, on the same site was the Spring fest…

Why not, mores steins & meat, please

Our Dave, pretending to be small.

I wonder why I post images like this.

This is supposed to be my professional site and I’m not sure wearing everyones sunglasses and hats is the key to securing wedding bookings…

On this night, I think the only way we could have had a better time would have been if we’d’ve actually been in Lederhosen.

So I hope you enjoyed a little nosey at Munchen.  Should you get the chance to visit, I’d fully endorse the place.

Everyone is super chilled & up for a great time, the food delicious and the beer is tasty and seemingly endless.

Just don’t stay longer than a week or you’re guaranteed to put on serious weight…

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