My girlfriend detests and mistrusts all incantations of Satellite Navigation.  Personally, I firmly believe that even though it might not always feel right, it ultimately always knows where we should end up and therefore, will get us there.  Maps and reams of printed route-planners almost guarantee getting lost.  However, my confidence was shaken on this Pre-Wedding visit to Hey Green Hotel, out in the village of Marsden on the skirt of Huddersfield.  Cutting across from meeting a couple at Holdsworth House in Halifax, 85% of my route was along drystone walled back single lanes, once up someone’s drive and once down a dirt track which had a style at the end.  Up & down over hills & fords, down impressive hairpin bends and along cliffs.  I began to wonder that familiar feeling… ‘Did I punch in the right postcode?’  Fortunately the weather was fab and it was a beautiful drive through ancient Yorkshire, and I really appreciated what a green and pleasant land it is in which we live.


So!  It was great to see Angie & Chris again after so long.  They booked me way back in August last year and we finally found a moment to reconvene at the amazing Hey Green Hotel.  What a fab place!  Truly a hidden gem, in the middle of nowhere!  Loads of trees, daffodils, and a tranquil lake with a Heron so big I thought it had to be plastic, until it started wading around. We had a little wander and found a tiny bridge that looked a little ancient to climb over!


They brought a little, and impressively well-trained, friend with them too…



They were both in great form and understandably excited about their big day and it was ace to see get the daffodils of spring involved!


On leaving, I asked someone the best way to a major road back to Leeds. “Go right at the exit, up the dirt track, then at the tree turn left, after 300 yards…” I immediately glazed over and thought, I’ll be reet.  Ten minutes later I’m climbing hills & hamlets again.  D’Oh!  This is another reason why a Pre-Wedding venue visit is so important, to find out the best way to get to and from a place!

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