Last week, after the fun of the Leeds College of Music special Radio Leeds with BBC Introducing (post here), I was asked back by the LCM marketing team to start photographing various college events to help bring a new look to their upcoming prospectus.  

This event was an interesting one; college music tech students were recording ‘Buffalo Bones‘ (one of the stand out bands of the BBC Introducing show) in The HUB (Holbeck Underground Ballroom), a hidden Lottery Funded arts space in 5 disused railway arches down near water lane.

I’ve never been before and it was a funky little hangout, originally envisaged as a shared space for artists and companies to developing work and ideas.

It was a hive of activity when we arrived, with Buffalo Bones jamming & the students setting up mics all over the show.

I liked the old details around the place.

Check the students looking studious!

I bet it sounded mint, cos they really took the time to hide microphones everywhere.  They we’re sneaking em into neighbouring rooms and floors.

I like this one of the drummers cons.  It was frickin chilly in there and yet he still drummed in his socks

Having come straight from a video shoot I’d been doing all day, I’d forgotten my STE2, so instead of rocking on-camera flash I relyed on natural light.

Fortunately I had my new 24mm f1.4, 50mm f1.4 & 85mm f1.8s in the bag.

I like the HUB chandelier, though I did crack my head on it more than once. 

Busy checking the MacBook Pro to see they’d got what they wanted.

While I squeezed off a fine rock face of Chris, the singer.

Meanwhile Rob, on bass, made an impressively surreal portrait with this Prince Willam mask he found lying about.

I like this one of BB Drummer Petter, from above.

Watching the Tele!

It was cool watching everyone work together and breathe life into this project.

Plus, the Buffalo Bones are actually ace.

A little detail I liked, on the drum mat.

The only image I think, with all three members in one shot.

Hard at work

On both sides

I liked this final image of the students messing about as they packed away the cables…

I’m looking forward to more of this kinda thing.

If you’re in Buffalo Bones, or are one of the students down at the gig, feel free to download all web-ready images in colour & B+W here.

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