In a run of pre-wedding shoots it was great to find time to meet with Caroline & Damien for coffee and a catch up.  I’ve known these two for years, have been on holiday to Barcelona with Damo & went to the same school as Caroline, in her younger sister Joanne’s year.  They’re getting married at the lovely Weetwood Hall in Leeds, which we discovered has fantastic grounds…


It was great weather to explore the surrounding woodland, all up dressed for spring, finding secluded corners to use on their big day.  I could tell the whole process weirded them out a bit, and understandably so.  It’s not a natural thing to have someone, even someone who’s known them as long as I have, suddenly pull a big old lens & start shooting them.  The camera’s not dissimilar to a gun in the way it can make a couple freeze!  But look how great they looked when they relaxed and got into the spirit of things!




Damo & Caroline seemed so great together and it was loads of fun to see them again and get them used to what we’ll be doing in a couple of weeks, all dolled up!  I can’t wait.


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