Super quick post > I was looking for recipes on how to make bread n’ butter pudding and spotted a side ad selling art prints.  This print caught my eye…

Mona Lisa - Remix Barnaby Aldrick Wedding Photography blog

How good is that?!  Can you see what it is?

The title gives it away: ‘Mona Lisa Remix’.  I love how its clever, original & slightly silly. Low tech meets high brow.  I love art that plays on the how the senses work.  It’s also pretty mad how the gaps between the dots flash up an optical illusion of a black grid that disappears when you look at it.  I remember studying why the eye does this in Psychology, but can’t for the life of me remember why it happens.  Sorry Dr. Parker – I was listening, honest…

Black Dots illusion Barnaby Aldrick Wedding Photography Blog

The illusion was to count the black dots. But don’t spend too long doing so, cos there ain’t none.

In a similar vein:

Salvador Dali - Persistence of Memory [Remix] Barnaby Aldrick Wedding Photography blog

Bonus points if you got the spot!

It’s  called The Persistence of Memory [Remix] – not the easiest to see unless your familiar with Dali’s famous dream-like surrealist piece:

Savador Dali - The persistence of memory - Barnaby Aldrick Wedding Photography Blog

I really like the idea behind of the spot prints and thought it’d be good to share.

If you’d like a print, they’re surprisingly cheap from Graphic Nothing Prints.

Right, I best get that Bread & Butter pud in…