Tonight Clare & I are off to see the Aussie alt rockers Temper Trap play at the Leeds o2 academy tonight.  I think they’re seriously good, and have really hit the big time this past year.  They really stood out when I first heard them rocking the Leeds Festival last year…

One perk of shooting for The Leeds Guide is the free all-access Leeds Festival press pass each year.  I love photographing music, and do so alot around Leeds, but there really is nothing like shooting the first 3 songs of about 50 bands over a weekend on (and here’s the most important thing) massive LIT stages!

There were only rumblings of the Temper Trap’s potential at this stage, and I’d circled them on the list as one of Zane Lowe’s not-to-miss acts.

They put out a refreshing soundscape that somehow fuses Jeff Buckley’s falsetto, U2’s delayed guitar with anthemic build-ups.

They seriously rocked out and their basist was an uncanny spit of a pal of mine called Ben Rushworth

The crowd seemed to enjoy themselves.

As did the singer, Dougy Mandagi, who when not working the delay, likes to thrash a Tom

Later I spotted this early casualty of war.  If you ain’t prepared, those monster Yorkie pudding wraps’ll get ya.

Dusk rolled in as I strolled over to see who was next on at the NME tent…

I’ll post more Leeds Fest images anon, cos I’ve a whole stash of ace snaps of sweet acts, and they’re gathering digital dust.

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