Last weekend was my brother Duncan’s 33rd birthday.

So as has become a bit of a tradition, mam organised a family stroll around a gastro pub, lost in deepest Yorkshire.

In this case, she’d selected the General Tarleton Inn at Ferrensby, an old coaching inn known for absolutely fantastic locally sourced produce.

Here’s mother & brother Moonie (Murray) in the car park.

We’d arranged to have coffee in the restaurant garden before the stroll, to give Donkey our presents.

In mum’s card to Dunk was a photo of his 12th birthday Football Party.  Look at that lineup of innocence!

He snapped it on his phone & uploaded it to facebook, and by the time we returned for lunch, his pals had entirely tagged it up & commented all over it

We brought our new family member, Kyra, along for the stroll too.  She likes nothing like a good countryside snuffle.

Off we went for a stroll, passing through a delightful bluebell wood

Apparently bluebells are of a particular hue that’s really difficult to render by digital sensors.

I can’t work out if I like this one, or the next one better?

Your thoughts?

Mum wanted a wee family lineup.  It’s nice to all connect from our busy lives over a family meet & eat.

Kyra seemed to have an ace time, bounding through farmers fields and eating dandelions.

After getting the healthy stroll out of the way we settled into the GT for some seriously tasty grub.

This place is worth travelling to!  This is their east coast caught scampi, which are in fact breaded-langoustines.  Mmmm.

As per usual, we also did the traditional embarrassing b’day desert sing-song where the candle goes out at exactly the wrong moment.

Happy Birthday Donkey! Here’s to a happy year.