The other weekend we took our mutt Kyra for her first ever beach trip to Filey, on the East Coast.

It was a glorous sunny day as we parked up on the cliffs and strolled down to the front

Unlike Scarborough and some of the bigger UK seaside towns, Filey seems less dilapidated & retains its original grandeur

But it still has the classic tea & fish n’chip bars

Ah, the stick of rock – the classic English seaside gift that no-one really wants to receive.

I tried to get a bit documentarian while I was there, as the doings there today are as they’ve been for a long time.

Which is why I’ve gone for that faded grainy square polaroid vibe in the post production.

I like the fading misty seaspray / backlight in this one. 

Mmmm, mister softee

It doesn’t get much more British than this.

Unless, if it were raining, perhaps.Donkeys! I always wanted to ride the donkeys as a kid

Bit of fatherly bonding.

We sat and ate our ‘packups’ against the seawall and watched the tide roll in.

Kyra checked out the sea inquisitively 

It was all a bit confusing, moving in & out & tasting all weird.

But before we knew it, she was splashing around and eating seaweed like no-body’s business.

It’s funny how even in early May, the faintest splash of sunshine & everyone strips down and goes for a paddle.

Grandma out baking


This dog was the biggest dude I’ve seen in a long while.  He was like a lion.

A bull mastiff I think, rocking some impressively drooly jowls 

Kyra bounced over as she does to say ‘yo’

On the way back to the car it seemed rude not to get some fresh donuts

Mmmmm, fresh out the fryer…

…and  still too hot to handle!

As we were over on the east coast, we decided we’d stop in & catch up with our old pals Del & Zoe.  When I started out in photography I used to sharea stall in Leeds Corn Exchange with an ace photographer called Del.  He photographed UK landscapes & VW campervans & I sold travel images & Urban city images (for more on my photo backstory & to see the images I sold, read this post here).  It was great to pop into their place and see the ace work they’ve done to what was a shell of a house.

Del still has the passion for VWs & still sells his images here if you’d like a look.

They’ve even got married since I last saw them!  Only took them about 15 years!

They’re such a lovely couple

Del insisted on taking one of us too

Then we hit the road home with K-dog riding shotgun.

A lovely day out indeed.