After last Friday’s wedding I spent Saturday & Sunday shuffling all over Yorkshire meeting 6 upcoming wedding couples for their pre-wedding meetings!

The soonest to be wed were these happy bunnies, Ellen & Jonathan!

They’re getting married at The Mansion in Roundhay Park next Saturday!

I grew up over the park from here and spent many a night between the ages 16 and 18 trying to get served here.  It was a bit of an old man pub at the time, and in recent years, Dine Catering have brought it back to life with a MASSIVE refurb, and it looks absolutely wicked inside now!

But as it was fine out, we decided to bounce around the exterior…

…a cool old fence…

…and into the woods!  

I learnt from Jonathan that this stuff is edible wild garlic (make’s a lovely soup apparently), and we had a little munch!

…and spent the rest of the day with the delectable flavour of pure raw garlic in me moot!

Ellen said she wasn’t particularly comfortable being photographed (as most of my couples seem to say!), but they were great together and soon relaxed into the groove

Pre-wedding practice shoots are so great for several reasons:

1. I get to scope out a few choice spots for us to lap round on the day

2. I get to see how comfortable my couples are in front of the camera and coach them a bit if it’s super awkward

3. My couple get to see what it feels to be on the other side of my camera and learn what I’ require of them (usually it’s simply join up lovingly & ignore me!)

All in all, the process helps calm any nerves they may have and gets the weirdness out of the way before, rather than on, their special day!

Plus, I often use the best image from their pre-wedding shoot as a big double page spread to close their wedding album!

I’m really looking forward to joining these two next weekend!


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