I almost totally forgot to blog about this!

Just before the wedding season kicked off, Clare & I decided to take our lovely new dog Kyra on her first holiday!

So off we set to Northumberland, with Kyra keeping her eye out for oncoming danger.

Clare had looked up ‘Glamping’ online for a spot of GLAMourous CamPING, and look what we found!

Pimp wooden teepee type structures in Seahouses (website here)

So in we settled, filling the fridge with BBQ fodder & vino …

…and quickly hit the beach to smile proudly at Kyra’s first experience in the sea.

It was ace to see that after minor initial freak-outs at the moving water, she was soon bounding around in the surf like a rocket…

…and chowing down on any old seaweedy roots and items too sandy for intelligent animals to consume 

One day we popped over to Holy Island…

(where I believe it’s illegal not to take a photo of a lobster net)

The funky old boat sheds are super picturesque

It seemed wrong also not to have a little play with leading lines at the old old Holy Island castle

Where the boat sheds were considerably smarter, but generally swarming with tourists

Clare took this cute snap of a well wrapped up lady snapping the coastline 

I do like fancy goods

And happy baldy grannies.

We got Fish & Chips from a chippy in Seashouses deemed the best in the country by the Hairy Bikers.

The best things about Northumberland are a) the bizarrely tropical white sandy beaches

And b) the hardcore castles.

Bamburgh castle was insane.

And served a mean scone.

After a good nose round, I forsaw a good spot to shoot the castle from, and waited while Kyra skipped around the dunes for these crackers

The sky behind was getting all the gloomier, but the evening sun poked underneath and really picked out it’s grandure

It was a week of new experiences for this young lady.

Cows were evidently worth checking out.

And I popped the camera down low to get a dogs P.O.V.

Looks like some of the Anchor Adverts, eh?

With the sun out and the fluffy cloudy skies polarised, the views were breath-taking

Greeny rock shelves with many a rockpool for nosing

I like how the sand fills the spaces around the stones.  For some reason, it reminds me of the Bull Ring in Birmingham

Anyone else see a crocodile?

Or rockodile?  Arf arf.


This castle belonged to some dude who pissed off a king.  That, as they say, will learn him.

Back at the ranch I felt decidedly british rocking the sock & sandle combo

and out came the BBQ produce


A wee shot of the ‘teepee’ by night.

On our final day there we visited Anwick Castle for a nose around the castle & their splendid gardens

The place was full of fab places for a portrait photoshoot!

The  we went for dinner in their infamous treehouse Restaurant!

It’s got it’s own canopy top walkways!  I love bouncing along these things!

Though you’ll see from Clare’s forced-smile-through-bricking-it-grit-teeth expression, she’s less keen!

Northumberland was a wicked place to visit, and reminded us that when it comes to holidays, you forget what’s on the doorstep sometimes.

Cheers for reading!