I noticed that I blogged every day last week! I think it’s great to keep updating the content on here so there’s a reason to come back and see what’s new.

The Barnaby Aldrick Wedding Photography blog began life and is still very much a portfolio for my wedding clients to see recent work.  An ‘official’ website is very much a static thing, containing info & highlights of ones work (generally from the time the site was built) and although content can be updated it generally only shows highlights.  In wedding photography, this shop window may not be representative of actual supplied work.  So I created the blog to show a wider selection of recent wedding work – a place to post pre-weds and images that caught my eye from each wedding.

As time has gone by, it’s also become a great place to post other images from my work and social life.  I shoot features for the Leeds Guide magazine, am involved with the 3B•Media photography training team, like to join my pal James Lester for a bit of Urban Exploring now and again, shoot the Leeds music scene for www.TheSoundGallery.co.uk, love travel photography and am involved and get involved with a group of forward-thinking photographs called the Randall Network.  Being surrounded by different togs keeps me sharp, and leads to interesting networking and exciting work.

And as I’m trying to keep the content changing, when I can’t think of anything to post, I’ll take a dig round the archives…

Honey I Shrunk The Kids! by Barnaby Aldrick

The unprocessed pics I found gathering digital dust today were shot last summer in the garden at Clare’s parents house in Dorset.

While Clare was catnapping in the afternoon sun, I got playing with the macro on my fun little Fuji F100 FD compact, and found myself getting some amusing Honey, I Shrunk The Kids type shots.

Honey I Shrunk The Kids! by Barnaby Aldrick

I basically dug it down into the beds, pointed up and shot what I got!

Honey I Shrunk The Kids! by Barnaby Aldrick


Honey I Shrunk The Kids! by Barnaby Aldrick

The daffs & dandelions, towering above.

Honey I Shrunk The Kids! by Barnaby Aldrick I particularly like this one of the grass.

It reminds me of how the shrunk kids met and fought a horrible special effect Ant only to end up nearly getting sucked up into dad’s lawnmower.

So there you are! No doubt there’ll be more digging about in the archives coming soon.

Cheers for reading!