Hey folks – I’m back from a relaxing break in Sicily and am back in the deep-end processing some recent fun weddings!  I’ve all sorts of fun pics from my holiday to post, but first I realised I never got round to posting pics from a London Pre-wed.

May I present the lovely Ben & Louisa:

Louisa & Ben PW 001

We actually ended up shooting their pre-wed the day before the wedding, which turned out great.  Louisa seemed a bit nervous about the whole thing, but it turned out Ben was a natural!

Louisa & Ben PW 002

I tried to work in the London flavour, without going OTT and running round Big Ben & the bridges.

Louisa & Ben PW 003

Their wedding was in the Farringdon/Holborn end of London, the business district, which devoid of the bustling businessfolk is spookily quiet on weekends.  This was in a square round the corner from their church.

Louisa & Ben PW 004

The market across the way from the Farringdon tube looked like the perfect place to stop for a snog!

Louisa & Ben PW 005

Getting more chilled out now!

Louisa & Ben PW 006

And finally another London scene of our couple having a quiet moment while the London bustlers hustle by.

Wedding pix to follow soon!  But as a quick teaser, check out their mad church, St. Etheldreda’s…


It’s the oldest Catholic church in London, built in 1250.  Ben & Louisa held their reception in the crypt beneath. Once it stood as a full-on church, turrets & cloisters affair, but over the years London has muscled it into a corner & the Edwardian streets have almost swallowed it up!  Crazy.

More soon folks, including some impressive shots of me belly flopping in Italy.  How can you not stay tuned?