Hey kids! Man has it been a busy couple of weeks for me!  I’m leaving for a holiday in Sicily in about an hour & wanted to post a quick highlights teaser of some of the stuff I’ve been up to recently.

I’ve continued to shoot a wedding every weekend including fun weddings in London & The Yorkshire Dales, squeezed in an issue of Leeds Guide, and have done all sorts of other fun stuff. Including recently hosting an ace Sunday Service with these guys: Palooka


Gavin Mart & The Saturday Vandals Sunday-Service-Aug-09-[Full-Res]-030

& the amazing MC Testement of Homecut


In the Urban Exploring vein, I took an official tour of an ace derelict mill called Temple Works in Holbeck with the 3B Media gang. The mill owner, Marshall, was really into Egytology, so built it in that style. It’s soon going to be undergoing a transformation into an arts space.


Its was a famous old Leeds Flax Mill, which when built had the largest room in the world (below), used to have sheep grazing on the roof above (because the soil kept the moisture they needed in), and to get the sheep up on the roof they invented the first worlds first working lift!Temple-Works-Tour11

Check the 3B YMC! Not quite what I’m used to when Urban Exploring… It’s usually a fedora.


Check out how it looks inside now…  Right up my street.Temple-Works-Tour16

In fact, it made us 3Bs think we should ask to do a flash day photo shoot here.

Ask and ye shall receive!  Last Tuesday we went back with 2 models, a video guy & a make-up artist & her assistant and got these puppies:

Flash Day 2 - Temple Works [800px] 32

We’re putting together some exciting creative lighting courses and photographic tuition under the 3B media banner early next year.

Watch this space for more!

Flash Day 2 - Temple Works [800px] 08

Flash Day 2 - Temple Works [800px] 39

Flash Day 2 - Temple Works [800px] 10

Flash Day 2 - Temple Works [800px] 50

I was also lucky enough to be asked along to photograph the Leeds Festival last weekend in association with www.theSoundGallery.co.uk.  I was there last year as well and it’s one of the highlights of my year.  It’s so much fun hearing a load of new bands & being in the pit photographing at stages with full lighting rigs & smoke & fun stuff like that.  Here are a few of my faves:

Leeds Fest 09 01

The revellry

Leeds Fest 09 02

Leeds Fest 09 03

Leeds Fest 09 04

These guys, The Temper Trap were the highlight of my festival.  They were amazing.  Watch out for them this year!

Leeds Fest 09 05

The mighty Dave Grohl made a surprise appearance with Them Crooked Vultures. Leeds Fest 09 06

Glasvegas.  Ace lighting.  Slightly boring band.Leeds Fest 09 07

Lots of fab acts appeared on the BBC introducing stage.Leeds Fest 09 08

Jack Penate – great last year and this.Leeds Fest 09 09

Leeds Fest 09 10

The festival claims yet another victim… Leeds Fest 09 11

I even managed to blag myself onto the main stage for a bit of Kings Of Leon headline action!Leeds Fest 09 12

They were ace.Leeds Fest 09 13

Right! I’ll post more on each in a couple of weeks.  But for now  I’ve got a flight to catch! Cheers for reading!