Happy Star Wars Day everybody!  May the fourth be with you!

Some of you may know today is the semi-official Star Wars Day, but most of you won’t know that it’s also my little dog Kyra’s birthday!

So, as one does, every year I dress her up as a Star Wars character!

This year, for her 2nd Birthday, she’s Kyra the Ewok!

I made this outfit out of a fake suede skirt & a teddy I found in a charity shop 

While I was cutting out the hood, Kyra looked an awful lot like a Jedi, so I added a bit of light sabre action…

Kyrobi Wan Kenobi!

For her birthday last year, she was Darth Kyra!Kyra’s not entirely convinced this dressing up is a good idea, but she certainly enjoys the mountain of treats (read: bribes) required to keep her still!

It’s not just disilusioned dogs who like dressing up!  Here’s me at Clare’s 30th on our photo booth as bounty hunter, Boba Fett.

Happy Star Wars Day folks!


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