Not only is it Star Wars day today (May the fourth!), but it’s also our rescue dog Kyra‘s 1st Birthday!

So it seemed a shame not to introduce Darth Kyra to the power of the dark side…

For the above image I asked her to give me her best “Don’t fail me again, Admiral” expression.

Kyles got so many treats for sitting (while I giggled my ass off) that there that there’s no way anyone could argue this as being inhumane!

The force is so strong with this one, I’m gonna dress her up as a different Star Wars character every birthday!

Next year… Princess Lea?  Bobba Fett?  (I’m rather partial to a bit of Bobba – see here).  Chewy might be good?  Tune in next year to find out who she is!

And just one more (which I’ve just had a play with in photoshop):

Hopefully now I’ve made her a master of evil, she’ll know to obey her master…

Have a great day folks

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