Happy Star Wars Day folks!  May the Fourth be with you!

Those of you who know me may know I dress my long suffering rescue pooch Kyra up as Star Wars characters every year.  When I got her, I was told her birthday was in early May, so decided that day might as well be May the fourth & may as well dress up as a Star Wars character to celebrate!  I’m not sure I’ve been able to top Darth Kyra, but this year, guess who’d like to wish you a happy Star Wars Day?

Star Wars Dog costume, Dog lightsaber costume, Star Wars Pet outfit, Kylo Ren Dog

Bringing things up to speed with The Force Awaken’s Kylo Ren, Han & Leia’s naughty son.

Star Wars Kylo Ren Dog Costume, Star Wars Dog Costumes

I even had a crack at getting her to wear an official helmet I bought off eBay…

This little pooch will do anything for cheese!

And for those of you who haven’t caught previous years efforts…

Han Solo Carbonite Star Wars Dog Costume,

Last year found Kyrab Solo, encased in carbonite

Princess Kyra! Cause she’s a little short to be a storm trooper.

An Ewok (made out of an old charity shop skirt & a large teddy bear)!

Jub jub

…Jedi Knight, Kyrobi Wan Kenobi…

These aren’t the treats I’m looking for

… and the first – and arguably the best – outfit: Darth Kyra!  At last, the circle is complete.

And here are a few out-takes, cause eventually, even food bribes don’t make up for the humiliation…

She wasn’t entirely convinced as an Ewok either!  But she sees plenty of treats for her shame.

I can’t see what her problem is really; I personally love a spot of dressing up…

Happy Star Wars day one and all!


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