Back in May 2011 I photographed the wedding of Shanshan & Chris (check out their highlights here), and over the years we’ve become good pals.

They live round the corner from us in Leeds and we’ve both taken on rescue dogs and take them out walking together, generally followed by a few pints at the local!  It’s great keeping in contact with couples after their wedding day, even better when you become pals with those special few.  Sometimes, you really feel you really get to know them over the course of a wedding, and meet all kinds of fab, like-minded individuals that it’d be awesome to get to know better…

Well in recent months we’ve discovered that they’re expecting a baby!

(The pic above is from a wedding we were photographing for a pal of theirs)

Well last time we hooked up for a dog walk in Bramley, they asked if I’d bring my camera to pap an idea they had for a Facebook cover image to announce that they were expecting.

They’d bought some cute Converse All Stars, and wanted to do an expecting family lineup…

Cool idea eh?

It’d be fun to do this again next year with a little one-year-old filling the Cons!

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