Yorkshire Family Shoot 001.jpg

Late last year I was chuffed to bits to hear from Nina & Mark – a couple who’s ace drink & dance filled Ukrainian wedding I papped back in April 2010 (check it out here) – to let me know they’d added a new member to their family, little Theo!  And now he was mobile little bundle of personality, they wanted to do a wee shoot with him!  It was great to catch up with them both and see they’re doing so well. After a bit of fun crawling about the house, we headed out with Simba (the giant family ridgeback) down to the park we did Nina & Mark’s pre-wedding portraits in back in the day (post here!), where Theo decided to eat leaves!  As you do.

Check out this cute, inquisitive lil’ nipper…

Yorkshire Family Shoot 002.jpgYorkshire Family Shoot 003.jpgYorkshire Family Shoot 004.jpgYorkshire Family Shoot 005.jpgYorkshire Family Shoot 006.jpgYorkshire Family Shoot 007.jpgYorkshire Family Shoot 008.jpgYorkshire Family Shoot 009.jpgYorkshire Family Shoot 010.jpgYorkshire Family Shoot 011.jpgYorkshire Family Shoot 012.jpgYorkshire Family Shoot 013.jpgYorkshire Family Shoot 014.jpgYorkshire Family Shoot 015.jpgYorkshire Family Shoot 016.jpgYorkshire Family Shoot 017.jpgYorkshire Family Shoot 018.jpgYorkshire Family Shoot 019.jpgYorkshire Family Shoot 020.jpg

Mmmmmmucky LEAVES!  Nom nom nom.

Yorkshire Family Shoot 021.jpg

It was great to see these guys again, and to meet their ace little man!

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