A few Saturday’s back I joined Nichola & Dave for their pre-wedding practice photography at Rudding Park, outside Harrogate.

It was great to catch up with them again and have a good gas about their plans and logistics over a nice coffee.

Although I’ve shot there before, we got to scope out a few choice spots to use on their big day.

Such as this ace stairwell in case inclemental weather calls a stop to outdoor play.

It’s a great opportunity for a couple to see how it feels to be can feel like ‘the wrong side of the camera’!

But after enduring my jabbering from behind the camera, they soon relaxed into it.

The rhododendrons were out in force around the grounds, so it seemed rude not to get involved.

I like the composition as well as the tenderness of this one.

For me it’s basically about showing a couple relaxed with one another, connected and enjoying each others company.

I genuinely try not to stage much at all, and just observed and wait for the casual moments between the awkwardness!

Then on the day, my couples have felt how it feels and seen how they look, so there’s a genuine trust in the process.

Rudding Park is a lovely spot, and Nichola & Dave are great together; so I’m really looking forward to joining them for their big day in a couple of weeks!

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