Last Friday I joined Nichola & Dave to photograph their wonderful wedding at Rudding Park, near Harrogate.

At Nichola’s house there was a houseful of well wishing cards.

And in their bedroom hung the beautiful dress!

I’m ever seeking interesting new ways to position a pair of shoes, and rather like this badboy under the veil.

The Geordie girls were hanging out downstairs, and I can honestly say that they’re the most fun-loving people of all the region.

Here’s the lovely bride!

Meanwhile, Dad’s in the kitchen making a Newcastle Eggs Benedict (I believe the cheese sauce makes it regional)

While the girls made themselves up I got a moment to snap the lovely flora!  Look at this lovely bridesmaid bouquet

Nichola’s bouquet was one of the ‘holdy types’ (official term), that are notoriously harder to catch a still life of!

I like this one of the girls getting ready

Meanwhile over with Dave, Cris caught this nice moment

and this ace detail of Dave’s scheme

This little chap was also there looking snappy, wired into his DS.

I like this one of nails & veils

I’m also getting into using the negative space at the top of images to give them breathing room. 

Nice tieing of florals & colours eh?

I like this one of Dad checking his new pocket watch…

before heading over

The church was a pleasure to photograph in – interesting, bright and with an ace vicar who said “move around, do your thing!”

Flash was stood on the wall to get this great catch!

I always like to try to get a walking down the aisle shot where the couple first catch each others gaze

Another interesting composition from Flash, featuring Jesus growing out of a vicars head

The kiss!

The confetti!

…and the surprise!

Nichola’s dad had booked a horse & carriage for the mile drive through Rudding Park as a little special present for Nichola!  She was well chuffed.

Rudding Park has amazing grounds for instant pictures, with loads of woodland and clean spaces.

We’d done their pre-wedding practice shoot at Rudding Park a week ago (post here) and they liked the image on the left and used it on their order of service, so I took the same shot in their wedding finery!

I always like to do a ‘team wedding’ walking along laughing together shot.  It breaks up the formality of the group shot standing-in-lines experience

The wedding breakfast looked lovely, with the purple & white theme running through

Also in keeping was their fun cake, made by a family member!

It’s not a wedding without a cutting the cake shot.  I think that’s the law.

And the speeches were great too.

Dave used to be a rugby player (he had a whole load of trophies in the house for all sorts of sports!), and various Rugby stars appeared to be in attendance in the evening, but they’d also arranged to have the Leeds Rhino’s mascot there to do photos with people & mingle, which I thought was a cool touch!  So I got him on the stairs for a few poses! And it seemed wrong not to do a portrait with Nichola & Dave too!

All in all, it was a fab day all round.  Dave & Nichola were super chilled throughout and everyone seemed to really enjoy the day!

Big up Flash for his entertaining company & thank you Nichola & Dave for asking me along!  Here’s to an amazing honeymoon!


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