We had a little visitor yesterday…

My mum’s pal, Hilary (my class one teacher at primary school!) brought round her 9 week old Sheltie pup Percy to say hello.

I said for her to bring him round for a few pics of him while he was still wee.

Look how cute he is!

He’s joined Hilary’s other dog, Eddie, who’s just turned 70 in dog years!

While Eddie hoovered every nook & cranny of the kitchen for food (it’s never been so clean!), little Percy was ripping about the place like a rocket.

Most of my pictures looked a little like the above, and it reminds me why I’m glad I don’t photograph animals for a living.

Hilary & Eddie, so named because of Edmund Hilary, the famous mountaineer.

Edmund Hilary’s middle name was Percival, and so here we have Percy.

A sweet way to name your dog eh?

The moneyshot!  Look at that little guy!  Awww.

Just as they were about to leave, I told Percy what a good boy he’d been and how pleased I was he’d not wazzed on our floor, then as though he understood, guess what he went and did…