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As it’s getting to the end of the ‘off-season’ for us wedding snappers, a few weeks back a bunch of Yorkshire ‘tog’s decided to hook up, grab lunch & have a bowl

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It’s always refreshing that in this competitive industry, there are like-minded, fun-loving photographers who love to network, share and have fun with the photo fraternity.  When I seriously took up this game back in ’05 I thought it might be a world full of old giffers with pocket watches, sitting on their islands shoeing-off any threatening new blood.  I was fortunate to meet a choice bunch of brilliant established pro’s who had the opposite attitude to this, taking me under their wing, showing me the ropes and encouraging me to raise my game (and my prices!)

It made a massive impression on me and I try to act in a similarly positive, unthreatened and supportive way with colleagues.

Photo Hook Up 003.jpg

It was a beautiful day, around Armley Mill and after a wander and a gas, we decided it might be fun to turn the cameras on each other for a few new profile pics.  Amusingly, in spite of knowing the drill inside out, we were just as squirmy behind the camera as our clients!  But it was a great laugh doing papping one another.

These are a few of my favourites:

Photo Hook Up 007.jpgPhoto Hook Up 008.jpg

Joel had clearly bought the wrong strap, so I fixed it for him…

Photo Hook Up 004.jpg

I took along my newest lens, the Canon 45mm TS-E lens, which lets you tilt and shift the area’s of focus for some funky optical effects.

I’m starting to use this lens more and more in my work.

Photo Hook Up 005.jpg

This was one shot on my camera & TS-E lens by Mr John Hope.

Photo Hook Up 006.jpgPhoto Hook Up 010.jpg

John had brought along his little daughter along for the ride.

Photo Hook Up 011.jpgPhoto Hook Up 009.jpg

He’s a naughty one that Hope.

Photo Hook Up 012.jpg

Stott and Atkinson, in order.

Photo Hook Up 013.jpgPhoto Hook Up 014.jpg

The gang, from L>R: John Hope, Tim Akinson (of Stott & Akinson Photography), James Lester, Paul Stott (the other half of Stott & Akinon), Joel Skingle & Chris Milner.  All good eggs, and clearly well street.

Photo Hook Up 016.jpg

After a spot of pizza, we headed for the lanes…

Photo Hook Up 015.jpg

I do like a bowl.

Photo Hook Up 017.jpg

It’s all about the leg flex…

Photo Hook Up 018.jpg

Fun times all round.

Ace to hang out with y’all chaps,