Yesterday I joined Kate & Sam for their big day at Bedale Hall up in a beautiful Yorkshire market town.

I hope you enjoy our the story of this special day!

Bedale Hall, at the North End of Bedale has been described as a ‘Country House placed in a Town’.  A grade I listed building, it nestles on the boundary of the historic small Yorkshire town of Bedale, known as the gateway to the Yorkshire Dales.  It’s received Lottery funding and the place has been wonderfully restored, inside and out.

I joined these monkeys while hair was being fixed at NUID hair and beauty salon down the South End of the Market Place…

Kate grew up in Bedale and the family have always been heavily involved in the town (Granddad was Mayor!), so folks kept popping in to wish Kate well!

Meanwhile, Sam headed over to join some buddies at the ancient Waggon & Horses.  Bedale Hall has some huge paintings of scenes from the old market place across the years & I spotted this coaching inn on one that looked like hundreds of years ago.  A quick google tells me it dates back well into the 17th Century!

Sam’s a joiner, and had specially made beautiful wooden ring boxes for their wedding bands

Kate’s a teacher and had asked her class to paint daffodils to cover the order of services!

Does this count as child labour?

Mum and dad had been playing scrabble on the fridge!

It’s my kind of bride who has a pair of yellow wellies standing by in case of inclement conditions!

Little flower girl Poppy was the self proclaimed third most excited person about this wedding, after Kate & Sam of course! Cutey.

Don’t the bridesmaid colours look ace!?

A pal of theirs in the village who runs a car garage, aslo collects vintage Lea Francis motor cars, and happily supplied one to run Kate & Dad to the Hall.


It was pretty baltic out, but Kate & Sam persevered in a blast of sunshine & the pics were all the better for it!

See snow!

We’d actually done a practice shoot a few weeks prior to the wedding to get Kate & Sam used to being photographed & we got some lovely pics.

(if you’d like to see them, check out the pre-wedding post here)

One of the groups of pals they wanted a snap of were known only as ‘The Six’, and we conveniently found them loitering out back as we wrapped up the portraits!

The hall looked amazing, dressed in spring yellows, baby daffodils and handmade material flowers!

Sam had made different wood table centrepieces for each table, and there was quiz to identify all 7 timbers!

One person on each table was nominated chef & had to carve a monster slab of beef for their table!

It was one of their guests 30th birthday!

Cutting the mum-made cake!

During the evening reception is a great time to pap groups of friends.  Below left are the Fontainebleau climbing crew!

Above right are the similarly named Katie & Sam, pals of Kate & Sam, and whose brilliantly countrified wedding we photographed last May (check out their tweed, horse & quad bike big day highlights here!).  We actually joined them the day before their wedding for Sam’s birthday where he & his boys set up a clay pigeon trap over a field and we shot the evening away (see the equally fun pre-wedding blog here).

By day, Sam’s a tree surgeon, so you can guess who won the prize for identifying all 7 table timbers… 😉

Kate’s well into her music and her musical pals came together as a supergroup to lay down some brilliant covers during the evening reception.

Fun times all round eh?!

It was an absolute pleasure joining Kate & Sam to document their laid-back spring wedding celebrations.  Here’s to a very happy life as husband and wife!

x Barns & Clare x

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