Continuing in my pre-wed after pre-wedding theme, I yesterday joined Lisa & Toby for their practice shoot!

Their venue is a fave of mine, Hazlewood Castle over on the way out to York.  It’s always a pleasure to shoot there as it’s got a load of classic weddingy spots to shoot, as well as some cheeky tall grassy fields hidden down paths, as well as masses of ancient woodland to explore if I fancy something new.

Plus, the wedding co-ordinator, Amanda is a total legend and looks after us almost as well as her wedding clients!

So – we kicked off in the classic Hazlewood ‘Tunnel of Love’

And shot a few off at the Parisian themed area outside the champagne bar.

I’m liking their outfits.

… and choice of footwear.

It wouldn’t be a BAWP shoot without a bit of footwear detail.

Down the track…

…to grassy fields beyond!

I’m still not sure if the faded print look is to everyone’s taste, but I like it.

Toby, practicing his catalogue poses

A cheeky detail.

It’s all about the natural moments.

I’m really looking forward to joining these two for their wedding next week.

They’re also having my photobooth, which is always good craic.  If you’re a guest, and see this curtain… grab a pals or partner & come say hi!

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