Last week I joined the lovely Lisa & Toby to photograph their wedding at Hazlewood Castle, out near Wetherby between Leeds and York.

I love shooting at Hazlewood, especially on a stunning sunny day like this.

They were both cool in front of my lens because of our Hazlewood pre-wed the week before (see post here).

Lisa spent the morning in a laid-back (& more mobile) white dress that she switched into for the evening do.

Here she is taking a moment in her actual bridal gown.  Stunning eh?

I don’t often go for ‘serious’ standing-pensively-in-the-window setups, but I couldn’t help myself…

Funky footwear

Her ladies in waiting were in a most excellent Ultramarine colour

I didn’t set this up either; and love the composition they’ve all fallen into.  I think it has an ancient painterly quality to it.

I was in on a little surprise Lisa had been planning for Toby.  She’d arranged to get a helecopter over from near their house to Hazlewood Castle.

Apparently, chartering a helecopter to your wedding isn’t far off the cost of hiring a tasty wedding car – they used a company called Helejet.

Here’s the dudes looking well chuffed, just after they got out of the chopper.

I won’t lie I was gutted Clare got to fly with them and I didn’t!  She said it was amazing.


Mr & Mrs, down the isle!

Out back at Hazlewood, suppin on pimms

I quite like the fact that on one confetti shot of mine, the focus switched back to some nearby confetti, leaving them soft.

A pleasant accident!

Down in Hazlewood’s ‘tunnel of love’

There are loads of cool places to shoot around the castle…

Including a French-feel veranda outside

I quite like this set of speeches too.  It’s always nice trying to capture each persons speech story; be it the dad getting an applause, the groom proudly presenting his new wife, the best man embarrassing his pal and a double thumbs up from the groom.  Happy days.

Thank you so much to both Lisa & Toby for asking us along to join them on their wonderful wedding day at Hazlewood Castle.  Thank you also to the excellent staff, particularly Amanda & Guy, for feeding & watering us & generally being ace.

I’ll get their images to them soon, and we’ll host a client area for guests to see their finished images, but in the meantime I hope Lisa & Toby are enjoying their honeymoon in Greece, Italy & Croatia!

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