Someone said to me the other day that in spite of a massive resurgence towards creative photography – with zillions of photo apps on phones never less than an arms length away, the cheapness of digital compacts and a move back to the SLR for ultimate quality – this decade will probably go down in history as the one where the least prints are made, while peoples hard disks burst at their magnetic seams with images gathering digital dust.

Interesting thought eh?  Especially as clients so desperately want a copy of the image files (which I supply in printable & web-res in all my packages).

So it’s great when clients drop me messages out of the blue showing what they’ve done with their wedding images…

I got this one from Michelle & Martin a while back showing their beautifully bo-ho framed selection in their lounge!

Cool eh?

I also spotted in my Twitter Stream, that another lovely former client of mine (Kate & Matthew) uploaded a snap showing their faves back from, printed onto their ace mini-cards.  Moo are an ace company I’ve printed with before, and their mini-cards can be a great way to make bespoke business cards (at a great price) with different images on each.  But they also champion creative printing and ideas on on their site and have developed a special frame you can use to make a their moo Mosaic frames:

I’m always surprised by how lovely it is to see and feel my images printed out in the flesh.  It’s a joy seeing them delivered from (the pro-lab I choose to professionally print client images), so head this readers; don’t let this digital decade get the better of you – get those prints printed!